Running a Concession Stand

Going out in public you will be able to find a number of concession stands particularly located in areas like the shopping mall, sports stadiums, the fair, the beaches, and in local parks as well. Here the vendors sell food to people and a slightly higher price. If you are looking to open up a concession stand of your own, you will have to look for a place to permanently set up your stand no matter what kind of food you will be serving. The advantage with concession stands as well is that since they are mobile, you will be able to move to other locations. If you wish to have a permanent location you won’t need to move around.

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First, you should call the business administration office in your area and get a business license. Next, you will need to call the health department to be able to get a license for a retail food establishment. Here you will also be able to gain knowledge on how to handle food properly and get licenses as a food manager to get some employees. You should also have an understanding on fire safety regarding stands.

If you are looking to set up a stand, you should first be able to register your stand with the office of the state secretary provided you are looking to be in a partnership or corporation. You will also need to apply for an Employer Identification Number by going to the Internal Revenue Service. In this way, you will be able to open a business bank account and use business documents.

Next you should lease or buy a concession stand that will be set permanently in near areas. These areas include sports stadiums, festival venues, the beachside, or any public area that will allow you to have a concession stand to set up to be able to serve food to the public. You may also opt to get a mobile stand which you can use to move around. The stand should be big enough to accommodate lots of food.

Now you should be able to create a menu of the food that you will serve to your customers. Find out what kinds of food you will serve to the people. You will usually see concession stands that sell soft drinks, hotdogs, and popcorn. If you are set up in the beach, people will usually look for something to cool down like cold drinks and iced cream.

Now you will need a place to prepare all the food on your menu. You can contact a nearby restaurant or some companies that handle shared commercial kitchens that you will be able to use for you to prepare your food. If you decide to prepare all the food at your own house, you will need to get a permit from the health department to do so. They may conduct an inspection at your home and you will have to go through some paperwork to be able to prepare the food and sell it at your concession stand.

Running a Concession Stand

What is a Concession Stand

A concession stand (as called in the United States) which is also called a snack bar or snack kiosk (in the United Kingdom and Ireland) is where one can buy some food or snacks. Concession stands can be found in an amusement park, a cinema, a stadium, or a fair. There are those venues and events that hold a contract to have to the right to be able to sell the snacks to the third party. The contracts these venues and events make are usually known an as a concession which is where the name for the stand itself is called.

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You will find that the food being sold at a concession stand is higher compared to other stores due to the fact that they are convenient for being close to the event where food and drink bought from outside stores is prohibited. This is to ensure that the operator of the venue gains some revenue from the concession stands which really applies to a cinema.

Concession stands weren’t really begun by the cinema’s operators. Before, people who would go see the film or some vendors would stand outside the cinema ad sell food to those entering to see the movie.

Movie theatres didn’t like the idea of having food inside the venue, but this all changed during the Great Depression where the operators opted to have concessions stands. This is so that they would be able to gain more profit during which the economy was stagnant. It was during the 1930s that concession stands became a main part of the cinema. The popularity of popcorn was due to World War 2 when candy wasn’t that available in the stands because of the sugar being rationed.

From the late 40s to the early 50s, the sales of movie tickets were declining but the sales from the concession stand saw an increase. In the United States, the owners of concession stands are being represented by the National Independent Concessionaires Association as well as the National Association of Concessionaires.

The food you would find at a concession stand would typically consist of junk food. The most basic concession that movie theatres sell is candy, soft drinks, and of course, the ever popular popcorn. Large concession stands which are found by stadiums, big movie theatres, and amusement parks offer a small menu of fast food as well as some hotplates and grilling stations. Here, people can buy fries, nachos, churros, pizza, pretzels, and hot dogs. You may even find that they serve ice cream and snow cones from their freezer. Stadiums that hold sports events as well as rock concerts serve beer and similar beverages to the patrons. This will usually come in some plastic cups as some people might use bottles as a projectile and hurt somebody. For concession stands that are in venues where formal entertainment is shown, they serve food at a higher rate and their menu includes coffee, wine, tea, pastries, and other desserts.

So a concession stand is basically a food store only that is more convenient as it is near a certain event or venue which is why the prices are raised.


What is a Concession Stand